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Prayer Space

Prayer Space

Today we visited Prayer Space as part of RE week, to learn about God, ourselves, and the world. There were lots of different activities for us to try.
We talked about how the plasma ball represents God – as a source of power and light, and reaching out to everyone.

We discussed how we are all unique and special. To show this we put our fingerprints on a mirror.

Prayer weaving – we used wool to weave round a plate. Then we thought of someone we would like God to look after, and wrote their name on a piece of paper and slotted it into the weave.

We drew a picture of our favourite food and stuck it onto a giant plate. It helped us think about the things we are grateful for.

We also visited the quiet corner. We thought about things we might like to say thank you for or ask, and the bubbles represented our thoughts going up to God.